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A Few Words About JME Chemical Company

During our more than 30 years history, JME has developed its technology and has expanded crop assortment. We specialize in increasing yield and output of such crops as wheat, corn, rice, cotton, potatoes and others. We also help to increase production on such crops as vegetables, fruits and different field crops.


We collaborate with many dealers, distributors and wholesaler exchanges. 

Vegetables 21%
Fruits 11%
Field Crops 81%

JME's Approach

We regularly participate with farmers on the field and also with farmer's meetings. Our advising programme provides information on fertiliser timings, crop input timings and also advise on disease and pest problems. 

Our chemical production is one of the best in the world. All the products meet all required standards and guaranteed analysis. JME is client-orlented company, and that's why we provide our customers with the highest quality products and and tailored services.

Each and every farmer is an individual user, and JME can provide tailor and customised service, for the technical customer in mind. With over 300 different ways of customisation, we can provide a solution for you needs.

Our History


Our first procurement of chemical materials and production from Hong Kong.


This year, JMG Chemical Company was established by our founders and partners in the UK.


In 1998, one of our first plants began its operation. The range of products it  manufactured included soil conditioners and NPK's.


Due to the growing demand for our products, exports started to the Middle East and North Africa. 


This year, JMG Chemical Company acquires Stoller Pakistan Pvt. Limited and its subsidiary. 


Today we have ambituous plans concerning our further development in the Europe, as well as expanding to Central and East Africa, Papua New Guinea, Central America and South America.


JMG Chemical Company is now JME Chemical Company. 

JME Prescence

Since 1972, JME has worked in over 35 countries worldwide. Starting from Coffee, JME provided the best consultation and advice to many Coffee Plantations in Kenya, Eastern and Central Africa, Latin and South America, the Caribbean, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. In 1990, JME diversified and divested into many other crop services, gaining expertise in increasing crop production for potatoes, corn, wheat, sugar cane, rice and cotton. JME is a perpetual company, in that we are constantly striving to change and improve our technology. Our products are strictly manufactured with quality in mind, and our 99% customer retention and near 98% customer satisfaction rate supports this.

JME Chemical Company

Improving the way your crops grow

Our goal is to provide the best available crop supplement and liquid plant nutrients to every customer! Thanks for visiting the JME website. We hope you enjoyed your experience with us.


 Great Britain: +44 208 638 5830

 Hong Kong: +852 8124 5100

 Pakistan: +92 42 3733 0867

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