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We help to maximise your crops yield, quality and shelf life!

Using JME products helps to increase the quality of your crop, the shelf life of your crop and most importantly, JMG helps you to get the most yield possible by utilising our products.

JME is a chemical company that will advise you with the best principles to help improve your crop yield!

With over 70 years of combined experience, working with more than 50 different types of crops, why settle for any other company?

JME keeps the environment and the changing world to perspective.

JME knows how important the environment is when it comes to pollution, expanding population and climate change. We manufacture and formulate products that help to reduce the burden of the planet's natural resources, whilst keeping element wasteage to a ultra low minimum.


We provide the newest generation of crop supplement and enhancement products

Products Range


With over 40 products to choose from, we have a formulation tailored for every crop possible.

Quality Matters


We have a thorough quality control check to ensure the best properitary blends in the business.


Transporation to reach every corner of the globe.

Customer Satisfaction


We have an overall satisfaction rate of 99%. Looking after our customers is our number one priority.

Working together to build a better future

JME works together with the farmer, to help advise throughout the crops different growth stages. We take the time to get to know each and every individual customers needs and requirement.

There is never a late time to use JMG's products and services. In fact, in as little as 7-10 days, you can begin to experience the difference of your crop.  Whether it is reducing your salinity, helping a disease or pest problem or even perfecting the right time for fertiliser application, contact us to ask how we can help improve the way your crops grow.


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JME Chemical Company

Improving the way your crops grow

Our goal is to provide the best available crop supplement and liquid plant nutrients to every customer! Thanks for visiting the JMG website. We hope you enjoyed your experience with us.


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